Elevate Your Home Communication with Residential VoIP and Mobile VoIP

In today’s interconnected world, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology can revolutionise your home communication. Rapidnet offers a comprehensive VoIP solution that caters to both residential and mobile users. Here are the key benefits of using VoIP at home:

Residential VoIP Telephony

Save on your call costs. VoIP offers a number of features but one of its biggest benefits is cost savings. Of course there are other free options like WhatsApp or Facebook to make calls, but those options don’t allow you to call or receive calls from a landline or cell number. With the Rapidnet Home Voice service you can save up to 50% on local calls and even more on international calls.

Video and HD Audio

Enjoy crystal-clear video calls and high-definition audio, bringing your conversations to life.


Stay reachable on smartphones, tablets, PCs, or Mac’s using the same account across multiple devices.

Converged Billing

Choose from subscriptions, monthly plans, bundles of minutes, and more. Auto-recharge keeps you connected seamlessly

Self-Care Portal

Manage your account settings, upgrade plans, or order phone numbers from anywhere in the world.

Traditional Handset Option

 If you prefer a more traditional approach, you can also use a physical IP phone for a familiar and comfortable calling experience.

Mobile VoIP and RCS (Rich Communication Suite)

In an age of smartphones and global connectivity, mobile VoIP and RCS are transforming communication. Enjoy a suite of Rich Commnication Features:


Sharing one account on multiple devices


Voice Mail with email delivery of the message


Audio Conference Calls


Take your home number with you even if you are out of the country


HD Voice and Video Calls


Video Conference Calls (Desktop only)


Instant Messaging (chat)


Converged Network Address Book stored on the server and shared on all user devices


Group Chats


Encrypted calls and chat messaging


Telephone number, so that you can make and receive calls from other telephone networks world wide

Why VoIP Is Your Best Choice

While other mobile apps offer voice calls, VoIP services go beyond with

Versatile Calling

VoIP lets you call not only other app users but also traditional telephone numbers. 

Global Reach

Take your home number with you even if you are out of the country


Be reachable on your home phone number anywhere that you have Wifi or Mobile Data

Experience the future of communication with Residential VoIP and Mobile VoIP from Rapidnet. Say goodbye to traditional Landline limits and embrace a world of versatile, high-quality communication. Connect with loved ones, friends, and colleagues effortlessly, whether at home, on your mobile devices, or even with a physical IP phone for those who prefer a more traditional handset. Elevate your home communication today!