Wireless Business Broadband

High-speed broadband is indispensable for businesses in today’s digital age. It provides a fast and reliable internet connection that is crucial for various aspects of operations. Rapidnet’s high-speed broadband enables seamless communication, facilitating real-time video conferencing, instant messaging, and efficient email correspondence, promoting collaboration among employees and with clients, regardless of their geographic location. Accelerated data transfer and ensure swift access to cloud-based applications and services, enhancing productivity by enabling quick data sharing, backups, and access to critical business software. In essence, high-speed broadband is the backbone of modern business, driving efficiency, competitiveness, and growth.

Key Features of Wireless Business Broadband


A range of bandwidth capacities starting at 25Mbps up to 200Mbps


Symmetrical Services for equal upload and download speeds


8 hour mean time to repair (MTTR) service level agreement with proactive monitoring


Coverage from more than 100 high sites


99% Uptime


Wholesale and Retail Pricing Available.


Installation Starting from R3500.

Looking for more than Connectivity?


Our business voice solutions encompass Hosted and Onsite options, featuring competitive call rates and versatile, scalable PBX choices to suit your business needs.



As a Sophos Partner, we assist in safeguarding your business against online threats. With services from Endpoint Security to Firewalls, we ensure your business stays secure, whether in the office or remote operations.



Rapidnet presents a versatile array of hosting solutions designed to align with your unique business requirements and financial considerations, offering choices ranging from shared hosting to powerful virtual servers.